Monday, March 05, 2012

Preview: A.A. Old School Studies and Workshop

International Christian Recovery Coalition

Our Forthcoming Workshops, Meetings, Training Talks, and Conferences


Old School Christian Recovery Programs, Fellowships, Groups, and Meetings

Dick B.

Our Planned Focus is on Four Varieties of “old school” Book of Acts Programs for those who want God’s help in overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, and life-controlling problems.

·         Those already conducting 12 Step programs and wanting an “old school” A.A. Conference-approved foundations and approaches.

·         Those exploring, desiring, and planning to organize and present “old school” 12 Step programs without concerns about satisfying “conference-approved” or “Twelve Traditions” issues.

·         Those already leading or attending “ Christian recovery fellowships” and wanting to include “old school” A.A. First Century Christianity at work meetings

·         Those wanting to organize, lead, train others for, and learn the content for Christian Recovery programs or fellowships or groups or meetings that the elements, principles, and practices of First Century Christianity at work in recovery.


The proposed fundamental resources include the group’s choice of the Bible, Specified “conference approved” literature, Explanatory books and articles and our new Guidebook and Films covering each proposed class

What we would like to learn:

Your thoughts about how to present (with your own program and format)–in your training, meetings, talks, and materials on learning and applying Old School Early A.A. Christian Fellowship principles and practices.

            Your suggestions about making this subject a plan for a group, a weekly meeting,

workshops, training classes, fellowships, 12 Step programs, and talks.

Your comments on integrating your program into a mold that fits present-day 12 Step programs and ideas, that presents the old school A.A. principles and practices, and captures the importance of daily activities patterned after those of First Century Christians in the Book of Acts and the old school Christian Fellowship in Akron.

            Special programs, formats, needs, problems, questions you may have.

            Your own present activities and desires and integrating them with this subject

Whether you agree as to the value of a special group which offers or encourages daily fellowship among like-minded believers—including such activities as a weekly training meeting, a weekly Bible study, one or more 12 Step meetings, another’s Christian fellowship meeting, meals and feeds and coffee gatherings, outreach meetings, recreational events, and movies or films.

What we would like to tell you and enable you to learn:

            What other Christian recovery programs, meetings, fellowships, and groups are doing

            What we suggest about how to organize, format, and conduct an old school A.A.

Christian-oriented recovery fellowship and program

            The options, contacts, resources, programs, and outlines presently available

            How you can conduct old school meetings in such a way, if you wish, as to use a

conference-approved foundation, a procedure consistent with the Traditions, an

autonomous status, and advance solid, truthful, accurate, comprehensive knowledge of the origins, history, founding, old school Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship, its successes, and their applicability to recovery today.

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