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Support for the Faith Based Work of Dick B. and Ken B.

The Agape Circle

Sponsoring ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Help is On Its Way

The following Christian Recovery Leaders and Organizations have already become members of the Agape Circle and are helping sponsor ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, California

Cornerstone Church in Livermore, California

John J. Mooney, M.D., Massachusetts

Chris P., Recovered With Life, Toronto, Canada

Ex-Cons for Christ, Tim & Kelli White, San Bernardino, California

Father Bill W., Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Round Rock, Texas

Carl (Tuchy) Palmieri, Healing-Habits, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Anonymous, Sandy, Utah

Lawrence A. Appley Foundation, via its President, Ronald Glosser, Akron, Ohio

Bill Boyles, Won Way Out, Wyoming, Delaware


Background Reasons for Asking Your Help

An event of great significance occurred recently with regard to our work of unearthing, collating, reporting, and disseminating the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement. And then in our establishing and enlarging ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

We devoted twenty-two years to travel, interviews, examination of books and records, visits to archives, acquisition of massive historical documents and books, and then analyzing them and reporting them—one by one—as the truth appeared.

The cost was quite large. It would have been far beyond my reach, resources, and retirement income financially. It involved the cost of printing more than 125 titles, counting reprints and subsequent revisions; the cost of storing about 14,000 books year after year, and then shipping them. It involved the large cost of our traveling with attendant air fare, transportation, meals, lodging, and incidentals. It involved the expenditure of immense amount of time and effort by my son Ken B. and even many others. And, of course, it involved acquisition, maintenance, and replacement of office equipment, supplies, and incidentals. Finally, one of the most productive, yet expensive aspects was traveling to, staying over a week or so, and speaking at or meeting with scores of AAs, NAs, treatment people, historical notables, historians, curators, clergy, physicians, and large numbers of Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and the concerned public.

For the past six months, we have worked hard to scale back all the typical past expenses of books, travel, printing, computers, storage, internet presentations, conferences, and meetings. Our books are now print-on-demand which means neither printing 5000 books at a time, cross-shipping, them, and storing them. And now, slowly but surely, our books are being published in electronic form.

In doing so, we have made known to a growing body of churches, clergy, recovery pastors, care pastors, Christian recovery leaders, benefactors, and others our plan to continue our work of making the application of time-honored Christian recovery tools available to a host of people and institutions in the recovery arena, including those who want God’s help, and may be receptive to Christian fellowship of the kind manifested in First Century Christianity, the early Akron A.A. Christian fellowship, and in the hearts and minds of hungry recovered, recovering, and new alcoholics and addicts and those with life-controlling problems.

The need for continuing, expanding, and widely distributing materials exists because of the secularization of our society and our recovery fellowships, programs, and movements. It exists because of the dearth of information today about the effectiveness of Christian recovery organizations, leaders, and societies long before and at the founding of the modern-day Twelve Step and Anonymous groups. And it exists because of the incredible lack of knowledge that those who treat, those who counsel, those who speak about, those who lead, those who sponsor, those who serve, and those who are new to recovery from the ravages of alcoholism and addiction.

We also believe, from the trends and topics of the times, that a new approach is long overdue in order to accomplish our mission. Thus there is a greater need among us as volunteers for low costs, eliminating storage and shipping and printing expenses, using the tools of the time—Videos, audios, radio, radio programs, YouTube, forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, social media, newsletters---and making most of the material free for the user to hear, view, obtain, organize, lead, and use.

The Plan for the Agape Circle

Ten organizations and individuals have now become part of the Agape Circle

Several churches and individuals have already recognized the modest need and are contributing $50.00 per month each to Dick B. to support the continued research, writing, expansion, counsel, and growth of the application of old school A.A. and its Christian principles and practices in Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 Step programs, and recovery work today.

For large cost items, including those for conferences, major publishing expenses, and travel, several have joined on this basis. And we still invite and do receive tax deductible donations that enable the remaining and much more costly work. And we still define the needs and invite those gifts.

But for the day in day out work right here on Maui, our dream is to have a circle—an “Agape Circle”—of at least twenty Christian churches or recovery groups and leaders who will graciously provide a monthly stipend payable to Dick B. in amount of $50.00 each month.

We now have ten, and we invite you to join them. As stated, several are doing, or are about to do, just that. We believe the $50.00 monthly amount is reasonable. We have specific plans to live within the circle contributions. And we will deeply appreciate your becoming part of the circle with your church or recovery program, or Christian fellowship.

The answer desired?

Yes, Dick!

Our group will help your work by sending to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753 a donation of $50.00 per month as our contribution to the Agape Circle.



Phone and email:______________________________________________________________

Amount we will send each month: $  ______________________________________________

Please send contributions by paypal on our main website www.dickb.com; or use your credit card by phone to 808 874 4876; or send your check or money order to Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Gloria Deo

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Trip to A.A.’s Spiritual Roots Centers on Vermont

The Trip to A.A.’s Spiritual Roots Centers on Vermont

An International Christian Recovery Coalition Fall Leaves Cadre Workshop

With Informative Visits to Historic A.A.--Related Locations in Vermont

By Dick B.

© 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved

Come Join Us!

As we have said, we are planning a Fall Leaves Workshop centered on the New England Area and definitely zooming in on historic A.A.-related locations in Vermont: the Green Mountain territory of Bill W.’s and Dr. Bob’s youth. It’s where my son Ken and I identified and examined in great depth some of the Christian roots of A.A. And we gathered an immense amount of historical evidence, embodied it in our books and articles, posted it on the Web, and included it in our www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com presentations. But there’s nothing like the excitement of seeing it all for yourself with excellent guidance. And there’s nothing like learning it for yourself so that you can be one of those experienced Christian leaders who can transmit A.A. founding information fully and accurately

You will be able to participate in September 2012 events involving:

1.      St. Johnsbury and Dr. Bob’s boyhood home;

2.      North Congregational Church—the Smith Family church and location of the historical collections in Dr. Bob Core Library;

3.      Identifying Akron A.A.’s  “Christian fellowship” program with Dr. Bob’s Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor;

4.      The immense historical resources in the St.  Johnsbury Athenaeum (library);

5.      The St. Johnsbury Fairbanks Museum, the Courthouse where Dr. Bob’s dad was probate judge, the former location of the YMCA building where Dr. Bob’s father was President;

6.      St. Johnsbury Academy—where Dr. Bob’s mother was a teacher and later an historian, where Dr. Bob’s father was an examiner, and where Dr. Bob attended daily chapel and weekly church services and Bible studies, and participated in YMCA events;

7.      East Dorset and Bill W.’s birthplace;

8.      The Wilson House where Bill W. was born and where many A.A. meetings, seminars, and tours and offered;

9.      The Griffith House where Bill was raised by his maternal grandparents for several years and where he studied the Bible with his maternal grandfather, Fayette Griffith;

10. The Griffith House Library which probably contains the largest collection

of A.A. historical books and articles and pamphlets and memorabilia of

any place in the world

11. East Dorset Congregational Church, where Bill, Bill’s parents, and

both sets of grandparents attended; and where Bill attended church and

Sunday school, along with revival and conversion and Temperance meetings;

12. The Bill and Lois Wilson gravesites;

13. Manchester, where Bill attended Burr and Burton Academy, attending its

required daily chapel and four-year Bible study course, and was its president

of the Young Men’s Christian Association during his senior year; and

     14.Your optional personal detour to see the Fall Leaves display.

Want to come?

This cadre tour and workshop will give you an accurate knowledge of  A.A. history, A.A. historical collections, and A.A.’s Christian roots and origins most have probably never heard about or understood. It will provide you with important keys to the Christian upbringing of Dr. Bob and Bill W.  It will show you more about real “spirituality”; ie., the relationship with God that the Big Book talks about. You visit a location with thousands of A.A.-related historical items. It will take you to an area filled with New England charm. It will be far more than just a walk through a memorial building or two. It will be at a time when the Fall Leaves displays are there. And Dick B. and Ken B. will be there to show you what’s what.

What is needed to make it happen:


A real interest in learning something very vital about “old-school” A.A. ideas and their applicability today.

A zest for a guided tour to inspect, learn about, and handle scads and scads of historical evidence, attend meetings if you wish, and hear Dick B. and Ken B. report on 22 years of research as you move about and stop for some short talks.

We hope to develop a cadre of long-sober folks who can learn and absorb the important Vermont history of A.A.’s Christian origins, the Christian upbringing of Bill and Bob, and how they can be applied today

Benefactors to provide funds for our travel are needed.

Your plans for a car or car pool with friends.

Accommodations at the St. Johnsbury Marriott hotel and in East Dorset.

And an essential willingness to walk, look, listen, and learn.

Since this will be an International Christian Recovery Coalition workshop, we are looking for a cadre of Christian leaders and workers in the recovery arena who want to learn and pass on to others what we’ve found and you have actually seen.

This will be unlike other history and archive conferences, seminars, and forays.

You’ll see and enter the buildings. You’ll pick up and examine the historical items. You’ll explore on your own, too. You’ll hear from two speakers who have researched, written about, and spoken about the whole scene—many times.

This may be the only time in your life that you will have such an opportunity.

This July is the month to plan and let us know if you’ll be coming and when. It is also the month to help fund our trip. And then to make your car and hotel reservations.

The light is green this July, and we’ll go. In August, we’ll be all set. For more information, contact Dick B. by email at DickB@DickB.com.

Gloria Deo

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Length and Breadth of Christian Recovery Radio

ChristianRecoveryRadio.com—A Comprehensive A.A. History and Christian Recovery Site Gets an Important New Face

Radio Interviews, Video Classes, Videos, Audios, Radio Programs with Dick B., Talks by AA Speaker Russell S., and “How Well Do You Know GOD?


Dick B.

Copyright 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved

Christian Recovery Radio Now Includes: (1) Radio Interviews of Christian Recovery Leaders, with Dick B.--Free; (2) “Stick with the Winners!” 27 Videos Class; (3) Free Dick B. and Ken B. A.A. History Videos; (4) Free Videos on Many Aspects of Christian Recovery; (5) Free Audio Talks by Dick B. Detailing His Many Addresses on the Biblical Roots, Founders, and Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous; (6) “A.A. History with Dick B.” Free Radio Show on “Take 12.com Radio;” (7) Free Recorded Talks by Miami Attorney, Russell S. to A.A. Audiences; and free: (8) “How Well Do You Know GOD?” www.FellowshipWithGOD.com.

Development of the Christian Recovery Radio Program Idea

Just a few months ago, at a Christian Recovery Leaders Conference at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, California, Dick B. expressed a desire to have a radio show where he could interview the many Christian Recovery Leaders in the United States and other countries. People Dick has come to know personally by speaking at their conferences, working with them on their programs, writing on their forums, exchanging emails and phone calls, and holding meetings with them to exchange facts and encourage networking.

That Christian Recovery Radio idea did not gel right away.

Then, only a month ago, at a Christian Recovery Leaders Workshop and Conference at His Place Church in Westminster, California, Dick B. repeated his dreamed of idea. And Michael Liimatta, a well-known Christian recovery leader, former Education Director for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Founder and Education Director of City Division College, Consultant and Web Developer/Programmer, InfoWeb Services, and now a Principal with the Not-For-Profit Practice of  OneAccord, offered the much desired solution. Michael had been a radio interviewer for many years. And Michael recognized the importance of such a Christian Recovery Radio show to enhance the growing Christian Recovery Movement and the leadership provided through International Christian Recovery Coalition. www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. It was to let the public hear directly what a wide variety of Christian recovery leaders could tell the afflicted and affected about their approaches to recovery by the power of God among those who want His help.

The show was set up almost immediately. Interviews of those in Kansas City, Missouri; Newton Falls Ohio; Jamestown, Tennessee; Akron, Ohio; Nyack, New York; Austin, Texas; New York City; East Dorset, Vermont; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Los Gatos, California; San Jose California, San Diego, California; Brentwood, California; Livermore, California; Oroville, California; Costa Mesa, California; Westminster, California; Huntington Beach, California; Ontario, Canada; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Daytona Beach, Florida; Wyoming, Delaware; and Miami, Florida were interviewed in staccato form  These are the interviews thus far. They can be heard right now on www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. They are archived for future listening. And they begin the long-awaited series where AA Historian Dick B. interviews authors, historians, editors, AA speakers, philanthropists, recovery directors, archivists, clergy, garden variety alcoholics and addicts and codependents, treatment program directors, recovery pastors, counselors, chaplains, spiritual retreat leaders, interventionists, therapists, physicians, professors, youth ministers, and leaders in some of the major bridge groups like Alcoholics Victorious, Overcomers Outreach Inc, CityTeam International, Teen Challenge, Youth with a Mission, Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics for Christ, Footprints, Came to Believe Retreats, churches, prison outreach, Salvation Army, Christian Endeavor, Christian Recovery Fellowships, and many many more.

Here is a list of those who have spoken thus far on Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Jean LaCour, July 16, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Jim Gaffney, July 14, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Randy Moraitis, July 12, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Roger M., July 6, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Dominic D., July 5, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader David P., July 3, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Mark Galligan, Part 2, July 2, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Bill Boyles, June 29, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Matt Pierce, June 28, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Mark Galligan, June 27, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Bonnie Burke, June 26, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Dale Marsh, June 22, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Karen Plavan, June 20, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader James Moody, June 19, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Russell S., June 15, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Doug Nunes, June 14, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Edward Grinnan, June 13, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Carl “Tuchy” Palmieri, June 12, 2012

Dick B. interviews Ron Glosser & Edward Grinnan of Guideposts,  June 8, 2012

Dick B. Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Father Bill W., June 7, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Ray G., June 5, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Michael Liimatta, May 29, 2012

Those Who Help with the Presentations

Here are the people who administer, guide, manage, post, film, and edit the various projects now encompassed by ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. These include: "Producing, Maintaining, and Growing www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com"

Producers:       Dick B. and Ken B.

Publication Researcher and Consultant: Ken B.

Videographer:      Bob J.

Video Editor:     Danny Johnson

Web site Maintainer:    Gerald Jones

Free Production Office:    County of Maui Salvation Army

Present-Day Productions Currently in Place

“Stick with the Winners!” Package (items also available separately)

 “Stick with the Winners!” 27-video class:     $29.95

 The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed. (digital download):  $14.95

 The “Stick with the Winners!” book (digital download):   $  9.95

 “Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery” 4-video class:  (TBA)

Other resources, and more, available now or shortly on www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com:

“Christian Recovery Radio with DickB” radio interviews (archived):          Free

50-plus A.A. history and Christian Recovery videos (Dick B. & Ken B.):    Free

 “A.A. History with Dick B.” Radio Show episodes, Oregon (archived):     Free

 16 videos on the “DickBChannel” on www.YouTube.com:                         Free

 100-plus Dick B. Audio Talks:                                                                      Free

 Russell S. talks at A.A. meetings and about God and Bible                         Free

dickb@dickb.com  (808 874 4876) www.dickb.com, PO Box  837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Gloria Deo

World Christian Recovery Leader Interviewed on Radio

"Dick B. interview of Christian Recovery leader Jean LaCour" of Daytona Beach, Florida, on the July 16, 2012, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show


Dick B.

Copyright 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved

Listen to the Interview of Dr. Jean LaCour Now!

You may listen to Dick B. interview Christian Recovery leader Dr. Jean LaCour, PhD, CPP, President of the NET Training Institute, Inc., and President of the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC), on the July 16, 2012, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show here:


or here:


Episodes of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show are archived at:

Synopsis of Interview

Our guest, Jean LaCour, Ph.D., CPP, is a Christian Recovery Leader and Advisory Leader for International Christian Recovery Coalition (www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com). She is a recovery professional, devoted Christian, and volunteer who wears many hats. And they include:

President and Cofounder of NET Training Institute, Inc. (http://netinstitute.org/index.htm)

President of the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC) -- www.ISAAC-International.org

Member of “Partners for Recovery,” a steering committee for the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Former Faith Coordinator for Florida’s Access to Recovery (ATR) program.

Jean began her interview by mentioning our International Christian Recovery Coalition, and

pointing to the word “International” as what very much interested her. As to ISAAC and now her being a representative to United Nations, there is world-wide working with people in progress. International for sure.. And it is now going on in 70 international countries with over 2000  members enabling recovery people to get connected, fellowship, and have a way to meet each other. It recognizes the value of people of faith representing “us” in doing clinical and recovery actions and programs that change lives.

She emphasized a policy shift that is now taking place, and in which she is having some impact.

The shift is from SUPPLY REDUCTION involving  police, law enforcement, para-military, and a war on drugs aimed at STOP supply. But policy makers are learning that they have to have people QUIT DEMANDING.

And the shift is to DEMAND REDUCTION. This, she says, involves prevention, treatment, recovery support groups, recovery mentors, discipleship, medical, and other face to face impact. And experience has shown that the demand goes down when these actions are taken.

In 2008, Jean, as one representing ISAAC and NET, was at the UN  headquarters in Vienna, successfully urging inclusion in policy language of words that recognize the service of people of faith and faith-based organizations. The agreement was based on the premise that there were people of every persuasion, but their emphasis was on service. She emphasized the power of recognition embodied in statute and policy. She worked for 2 ½ days successfully to help this recognition be verbalized in writing.

In 2012, there was a new and different effort to adopt policy that recognized the value of abstinence-based approaches. These stress the love that God has expressed about abstinence. And the policy is implemented by the Twelve Steps, Christian recovery programs, and therapeutic communities. In the interview, recognition was given to the highly effective 93% recovery rate that A.A. had after Clarence Snyder organized a group in Cleveland right after the Big Book was published. This is documented in DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers at page 261. Clarence pointed out that the Cleveland groups had brought with them from the old, original, effective Akron AA group “most of the old program,” as well as the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, the Bible, and the Four Absolutes—Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, and Love.

Jean turned to the power of surrender to God, stressed that the power is amazing, and stated it carries with I the power of the God of hope and of promise. Jean had gone to Russia and had seen that, in the 1980’s, there was no emphasis on the power of Christ in one’s heart. Then she went to Dunklin Memorial Church and saw an effective program for 100. This in turn led to formation of NET Ministries with Jean, her husband, Ron Ross, and Tom Sledd. Courses of training with 300 hours of effort were valuable. And today there are three distinct groups of training classes—those for: (1) Understanding addiction and alcoholism, (2) Pastoral care and recovery programs. (3) Life model. They use our book The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible  www.dickb.com/goodbook.shtml. They begin from a biblical foundation. They stress power tools for recovery, dealing with street groups, Christian support groups, and “Families of Promise” which build  upon the fact that God is gracious and a God of Hope and of Promise. There is emphasis on listenting to God.

Jean points out that support for our work and hers can come from placing a NET logo on our International Christian Recovery Coalition site and the www.dickb.com site. And listeners can also become affiliates of NET. Details can be found on the net site.   

Gloria Deo

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preview: Interview on Radio of Christian Recovery Leader Dr. Jean LaCour

Our guest is Jean LaCour, Ph.D., CPP, of Daytona Beach, Florida. Jean is a Christian Recovery leader and Advisor of International Christian Recovery Coalition. She is a recovery professional, devoted Christian, and volunteer with many hats. They are:

·       President and Cofounder of NET Training Institute, Inc. (http://netinstitute.org/index.htm).

·       President of the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC).

·       Member of “Partners for Recovery,” a steering committee for the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

·       Former Faith Coordinator for Florida’s Access to Recovery (ATR) program.

Ken and I have known and worked in the recovery arena with Jean and her husband Charles for about 20 years. She was active with us in the founding of ISAAC in Florida. In fact, she introduced us to some wonderful Christian recovery leaders in Florida. One was Bishop Frank Costantino, President of Bridges of America and a leader in the prison ministry field. Another was Rev. Mickey Evans of Dunklin Memorial Church in Okeechobee where we visited and were speakers several times, toured his Christian, 12-Step-oriented facility, and saw his work program for residents and for visiting family members.

Jean will tell us details about the NET Training Institute where she and her husband have developed courses dealing with and instructing in faith-based addiction counseling; training and curriculum design, international addiction and prevention training, and pastoral leadership development. And she received excellent training in all these fields as part of her educational work. Equally significant have been her wide travels to other countries on behalf of and with leaders of ISAAC. Recently she has been honored to work with a United Nations group addressing addiction problems around the world. Go, Jean!

Broadened Content on ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Christian Recovery Radio

A Broad Array of Resources for Christians in Recovery and A.A. History Lovers

Dick B.

Copyright 2012 Anonymous. All rights reserved

Here are the dozens and dozens of recovery resources you will find on Christian Recovery Radio. This is our new listing of contents:

·         The Dick B. Radio Interviews of Christian Recovery Leaders – ongoing feature - free

·         “Stick with the Winners!” 27 Video Class – Visual resources on Christian recovery and old school A.A. history

·         Free video talks on A.A. History and Old School A.A. by Dick B. and Ken B.

·         Free audio talks (dozens of them) by Dick B. on A.A., Twelve Steps, A.A. History, A.A. cofounders, A.A. Step and Big Book resources.

·         Weekly, archived radio show on A.A. History with Dick B. on Take12Radio.com – free

·         Russell S. of Miami’s recorded talks of his many A.A. talks - free

·         “How well do you know GOD?”: www.FellowshipWithGOD.com – free

On most of the subjects above, there is an accompanying “table of contents” or “list” of the topics so that you can choose and select which topic you wish to view or listen to.

Gloria Deo

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Preview of Second Interview of Dr. Jean LaCour of Florida

Preview Outline of Second Interview of Christian Recovery Leader Dr. Jean LaCour


Interview 2:   Huge changes are highlighting the importance of what we do in Christian Recovery…!  

1)      Paradigm changes in the Addiction Field- Last 40 years Addiction is been perceived as an Acute Pathology Model dealing with a disease by providing a specific stabilizing event called “Treatment”.  People who relapse are seen as “failing treatment” or being ‘resistant’, etc. – shame and stigma perpetuated for people/ family members who ‘don’t make it’. Etc.

Chronic Care Model- the last decade has seen a shift in emphasis as researchers are studying what people need to recover their lives from addiction. Recovery management is more hopeful, strength based, person centered. This is the essence of what we know as Recovery in Christian ministries and traditional 12 Step programs.   We know it can take time for a human being to recover from the trauma and losses of addiction and it takes time to grow and develop emotionally, socially, spiritually, with family,…   make a transition (with help from a recovery community of people) from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery…. Long term supported process that recaptures possibilities…. 

2)      US Office of Drug Control Policy- Agency headed by our

   “Drug Czar” – now recognizes the importance of ‘Recovery” and has created the Recovery  Branch within the Department of  ‘Demand Reduction” !!

3)      The term ‘RECOVERY SUPPORT SERVICES’ is now being used in Addiction and Mental Health fields.


a)      Benevolence of Compassions Ministries

b)      Types of Recovery Support Services

 c)     Etc.

Incorporating the involvement of service by Peers within the actual  continuum of care- from pretreatment, during treatment, and afterwards.   

4)      NET Institute NEW web portal to highlight RECOVERY!!  coming late summer 

a)      Recovery Coaching

b)      Recovery Peer Specialist – Veterans   and / or Adults

c)      Recovery Heroes Project

d)      Recovery Heroes Scholarships

e)      My blog- “Recovery & Beyond” -- Living a fulfilling life of purpose!

   5)   ETC!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Christian Leader Radio Interviews by Dick B.

Christian Recovery Radio.com Interviews by AA Historian Dick B.

Many times each week, you can hear Christian Recovery Leaders from around the world share their particular areas of expertise, ministry, outreach, and programs with alcoholics, addicts, codependents, and others with life-controlling problems where God can be a very present help.

Click into www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com. You can hear them as they speak and are interviewed live and on schedule. And all talks are archived for at--leisure listening.

Choose which of the following interviews you’d like to hear – free!

(1)            Managing Director, Wilson House, East Dorset, Vermont

(2)            Retired archivist for many years at Dr. Bob’s Home, Akron, Ohio

(3)            Non-profit consultant and former education director for Alcoholics Victorious and Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Kansas City, Missouri

(4)            Leader of Rock Recovery Ministries, ABC Sober Living, Soledad Treatment Centers, Rock Church, San Diego, California

(5)            Executive Pastor of Ministry, Lifelines, The Crossing Church, Costa Mesa, California

(6)            Attorney, recovered AA, and widely sought A.A. speaker from Miami, Florida                           

(7)            Founder and Director of Won Way Out recovery center, Wyoming, Delaware

(8)            Leader of the “Akronites” A.A. recovery group, Ontario, Canada

(9)            Chair of Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Austin, Texas

(10)      Leader of Good Book-Big Book Group, Cornerstone Fellowship--Livermore Campus, Livermore, California

(11)      Member of Christian Recovery Coalition Speakers Bureau,

His Place Church, Westminster, California

(12)      Recovery Pastor, Serenity Group, Oroville Church of the Nazarene, Oroville, California

(13)      Philanthropist who help fund the restoration of the Seiberling Gate Lodge, Stan Hywet  Hall and Gardens, Akron, Ohio

(14)      Author and Editor-in-Chief, Guidepost Publications, New York

(15)      Recovery Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Los Gatos, California

(16)      Recovery Pastor, Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California

(17)      Professor of chemical dependency and counseling at University of Pennsylvania, and Adjunct Professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Co-Director of Oasis Center, Director of CLEAR in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(18)      Author, Publisher, and Recovered AA, Healing-Habits, Bridgeport, Connecticut

(19)      President, Manna House Ministries, Bridge Group, Jamestown, Tennessee                               


More scheduled now for coming radio interviews:

(1)            Chief Shepherd, Came to Believe Retreats (Clarence Snyder retreats), Winter Park, Florida

(2)            President, International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC); President, The NET Training Institute, Inc.;

Advisory – United Nations group, HHS agency, Florida Faith-Based treatment programs, Daytona Beach, Florida

(3)            Co-Founder Overcomers Outreach Inc., Whittier, California

(4)            Pastor, His Place Church, Westminster, California


Many, many more planned–Professor and MD at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina; Chaplain/Pastor in Illinois; Author-speaker in San Jose, California; Christian Recovery Resource Center Leader in Texas; Chaplain of Oregon Prison Systems; NA men’s recovery leader in Oahu, Hawaii; Pastor of Responders, Garden Grove, California; President and Founder of New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Love First Interventionists in Grosse Point, Michigan; Psychiatrist-Professor, M .D., Deaconess Hospital, Harvard; Founder and Senior Pastor of Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute, Inc., Redlands, California; Recovery Leader at Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California; Leader of three James Club groups, Norco, California; Retired Certified Addiction Counselor, Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, California; Training Director, City Team International, San Jose, California; Christian Recovery Resource Center director, Vero Beach, California; Leader of many Snyder retreats in Great Britain; Christian Recovery Resource Director in United Kingdom; Addictionologist M.D. and Co-Director of Addictive Behaviors School, YWAM, Colorado; Christian Recovery Resource Director and Pastor, Wisconsin;  

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Gloria Deo