Sunday, July 08, 2012

Old School AA Meeting Launched by Paul R. in Tucson

A Refreshing Letter from Christian Recovery Leader Paul Robb of Tucson Reporting on the Strength of the New Stick with the Winners Group [Arch of Freedom] Organized in His Church in Arizona

Dick B.

Hi gents,

At my church today, Pantano Christian   we started a new study on being "sent" and the themes in the Bible are plentiful regarding God sending people out for his good purpose (we covered  Matthiew 9: 35-38(applies to AA) and start Matthiew 10 next week). We believers ARE the Church. There is no back-up plan, we are it. It is an honor, privlidge, and a huge exciting responsibility. Boil it all down, and what is more important? Nothing.

I just keep getting the message loud and clear about doing SOMETHING in the area of my fellow drunks and addicts to get the message to  them about the true good news.

Your work in this area is incredible. I have not even scratched the surface on all your materials. As I continue to work though it all, I see I am making mistakes as I go. As you can probably tell, I get fired-up about things and can charge off on a mission without being fully prepared. It has been suggested correctly, that the old saying "ready!, fire!, aim!" sometimes applies to me. I am challenged with work / effects of a bad economy / two and soon to be 3 kids in college / and trying to balance God time / family / career etc...I am seeking guidance from God as to what I am to be doing. I know answers will come.

I think the materials you have created could be used as a curriculum for teaching and training those with a appetite to dig deep and become truly educated on these issues, and then have thereby created qualified disciples to start meetings in communities across the country / world, and provide a venue for the Word to thrive in the recovery community. There may be millions of people that think going to a couple meetings a week, having one or two sponsee's, and trying to be a good person is enough to live a happy sober  life and then, the "God of  their understanding" (or invention in many cases) will welcome them into eternity with open arms unconditionally. Is it not just like satan to wrap a lie like that, (one with the consequences of an eternal  death sentence) with enough sugar to make the poison pill go down with the patient thinking all is fine? Seems to me that is a pretty good discripition of AA these days. The stakes are high. The harvest is plentiful. How exciting.

Whatever mistakes I might make, I will not make the biggest one, that is to do nothing. I will follow the recipe you have created as best I can and strive to improve as we go. But having the meeting, even in it's current form, is a HUGE thing, unprecidented in our area, and it is going to get better. Thank you for all you have done, and I am thrilled to have met you both and am quite sure our meeting was no accident. I know God has something big  brewing because I have been under direct and full force attack to be taken off track. I need support of my fellow believers and know I am safe in Christ and plan to stay very close to him.

. . . [snipped]

God Bless,

Paul Robb

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