Saturday, July 14, 2012

Preview of Second Interview of Dr. Jean LaCour of Florida

Preview Outline of Second Interview of Christian Recovery Leader Dr. Jean LaCour


Interview 2:   Huge changes are highlighting the importance of what we do in Christian Recovery…!  

1)      Paradigm changes in the Addiction Field- Last 40 years Addiction is been perceived as an Acute Pathology Model dealing with a disease by providing a specific stabilizing event called “Treatment”.  People who relapse are seen as “failing treatment” or being ‘resistant’, etc. – shame and stigma perpetuated for people/ family members who ‘don’t make it’. Etc.

Chronic Care Model- the last decade has seen a shift in emphasis as researchers are studying what people need to recover their lives from addiction. Recovery management is more hopeful, strength based, person centered. This is the essence of what we know as Recovery in Christian ministries and traditional 12 Step programs.   We know it can take time for a human being to recover from the trauma and losses of addiction and it takes time to grow and develop emotionally, socially, spiritually, with family,…   make a transition (with help from a recovery community of people) from a culture of addiction to a culture of recovery…. Long term supported process that recaptures possibilities…. 

2)      US Office of Drug Control Policy- Agency headed by our

   “Drug Czar” – now recognizes the importance of ‘Recovery” and has created the Recovery  Branch within the Department of  ‘Demand Reduction” !!

3)      The term ‘RECOVERY SUPPORT SERVICES’ is now being used in Addiction and Mental Health fields.


a)      Benevolence of Compassions Ministries

b)      Types of Recovery Support Services

 c)     Etc.

Incorporating the involvement of service by Peers within the actual  continuum of care- from pretreatment, during treatment, and afterwards.   

4)      NET Institute NEW web portal to highlight RECOVERY!!  coming late summer 

a)      Recovery Coaching

b)      Recovery Peer Specialist – Veterans   and / or Adults

c)      Recovery Heroes Project

d)      Recovery Heroes Scholarships

e)      My blog- “Recovery & Beyond” -- Living a fulfilling life of purpose!

   5)   ETC!

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