Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broadened Content on

Christian Recovery Radio

A Broad Array of Resources for Christians in Recovery and A.A. History Lovers

Dick B.

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Here are the dozens and dozens of recovery resources you will find on Christian Recovery Radio. This is our new listing of contents:

·         The Dick B. Radio Interviews of Christian Recovery Leaders – ongoing feature - free

·         “Stick with the Winners!” 27 Video Class – Visual resources on Christian recovery and old school A.A. history

·         Free video talks on A.A. History and Old School A.A. by Dick B. and Ken B.

·         Free audio talks (dozens of them) by Dick B. on A.A., Twelve Steps, A.A. History, A.A. cofounders, A.A. Step and Big Book resources.

·         Weekly, archived radio show on A.A. History with Dick B. on – free

·         Russell S. of Miami’s recorded talks of his many A.A. talks - free

·         “How well do you know GOD?”: – free

On most of the subjects above, there is an accompanying “table of contents” or “list” of the topics so that you can choose and select which topic you wish to view or listen to.

Gloria Deo

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