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Carry this message. . . . to a "wet drunk" who wants God's help today

Carry This Message

Dick B.

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What do you say to a “wet drunk” Christian who wants to quit drinking after years of tries and failures? Here are some starting suggestions


[In the last day or so, I received emails from two different Christian men, who live in two completely different locations, have two completely job situations, both have the first name “Chuck,” are literally drinking themselves to death, and want to know where to start. Each said he had read materials on our website And each wanted suggestions. Below I include my reply]


1.         Thanks for responding to Ken.

2.         I would appreciate your considering, commenting on, and then phoning about the recommendations in my first letter, When you do, I will put you in touch with the two Christian men on Oahu who have good sobriety, have sponsored many, and might be willing to help you if you follow directions.

3.         Please answer my questions; and the item below is one I just sent to another man in your situation. It applies to you, as well.


Dear Chuck:


1.            My response was somewhat delayed because my son and I have just returned from a 10 day series of workshops on the Christian (and successful) roots of A.A. in Vermont.

2.            Thank you for the full response, and I would now welcome a phone call from you to see how we can be of assistance.

3.            Meanwhile, I have three major study suggestions:

a.            Go to and download the 27 Stick with the Video winners class. Select topics that appeal to you and view them.

b.            Buy my book God and Alcoholism through my son 808 276 4945

c.             Buy The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide from my son. He will also send you a path to follow.

4.            As I will firm up for you on the phone, you have confirmed the first requirement which is an irrevocable decision to quit permanently and do whatever it takes.

5.            When I said go to a doctor, I was referring to a competent doctor to whom you tell your drinking problem, tell him you are there to have him evaluate whether you are at risk for seizures or DT ‘s if you quit without hospitalization, and will then either prescribe medication specifically intended to prevent seizures and heavy withdrawal symptoms OR send  you t o a medical detox in  your area.

6.            The real issue, then, involves your own resources and decision to go the Christian way: (a) Go to a Christian recovery program. (b) Decide to pursue recovery with 7 day a week effort which will involve perhaps a church service, a Christian recovery fellowship, a Christian recovery counselor, a sponsor, and attendance at A.A. meetings with involvement such as going early, staying late, asking for help, making friends, getting phone numbers to call for help at times of stress, fear, or compulsion, and avoiding liquor at all costs.

7.            You need a three-pronged approach: (a) Medical assessment and help immediately. (b) A decision to seek Christian support and help and hang out with like-minded believers. (c) Constantly praying to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ to strengthen you, heal you, guide you, and deliver you from the power of darkness NOW (Colossians 2:7) (c) Utilizing the support of a  12 Step program without surrendering to the nonsense gods, wisdom of the rooms, or pseudo “spirituality.”

Call me if you wish; and thanks again for writing.


God bless,


Dick B.

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