Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rock Church in San Diego with Powerful New Recovery Video

David P., of Rock Church in San Diego, just sent me a fine video that seeks to bridge the gap between church and recovery. David's a hard worker and Christian recovery leader with Rock Recovery Ministries; abc sober living, and Soledad House. Rock Church really rocks with thousands who attend church in San Diego and are also "in recovery" there.

David is also a participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition and has been a major benefactor in the course of our many conferences and workshops.

Here is David's message and the link to the video you are invited to watch:

I sent you the email below on Monday. Did you have a chance to see it? I was
hoping to get a response. Pretty powerful message and a great example of
people in recovery and churches working together. Super high end production
too. It would be awesome if more churches would carry a message like this
to their congregations. The Dick B message is encouraging more AA's to go to
church. How wonderful it is to see churches like the Rock carry such a
powerful message about getting sober.


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