Monday, March 25, 2013

Fort Worth AA History Conference Soon

Many in Texas have asked Ken and me to come to Texas and help arrange and speak at an Alcoholics Anonymous History and Christian Recovery Conference in Fort Worth Texas in the next few months. Today we received an invitation from a wonderful pastor and his wife who are also in the program with very substantial sobriety. We put on a conference for two years in a row in Mill Valley, California in early 1990's. The archivist from GSO, Dr. Bob's son, films of Bill and of Bob, the author of Pass It On, and Oxford Group activist T. Willard Hunter were there; and the second year, 800 people were blessed with the effort.
If you are enthused about bringing this activity to the Lone Star State, please contact me at; and let us know if  you would attend and also if  you would  be willing to help. 808 874 4876

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