Thursday, April 12, 2012

alcoholics anonymous Christian chaplain returns to A.A

A great Christian leader and worker I met when I spoke at a meeting in Florida many years back has just written another Christian leader in Florida and reported that he has had spiritual awakenings from reading our books. More important, he said my book about Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker Jr. ( inspired him to return to A.A. after 38 years of sobriety.

Here is a portion of his message to the other author. It was forwarded to me by that author:

I celebrated 38 years of sobriety on the first day of the year. For many years I had stayed away from AA because of its perceived (by me) hostility to Christianity. Then, about 3 or 4 years I read a book by Dick B. on the life of Sam Shoemaker and was inspired to return to AA. When I read Dick's book I was inspired to study it and experienced a spiritual awakening. Last year I reread that book and experienced another spiritual awakening.

I think that it may be almost 20 years since I have seen you George. My memory tells me that I may have spoken at some sort of a meeting in Tampa at your invitation. Anyway, I am guessing that you are the author of "Absolutely Sober" and think that it is a classic: the very best thing that I have ever read concerning recovery!

I am now 72 years old, still happily married and connected to Hope Ministries but no longer in charge. My current passion is that I have been a Fire and Rescue Chaplain since about 2005 for a small fire and rescue department. I am contemplating a new ministry to over weight and obese fire and rescue workers nationally by way of a web site and newsletter.

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