Tuesday, April 10, 2012

International Christian Recovery Coalition Website

The International Christian Recovery Coalition has, maintains, and frequently updates its website:


This will keep you posted as to how to become a participant - free; what our projects are; how to establish a Christian Recovery Resource Center as part of your program, fellowship, and community. It also lists the leaders, speakers, outreach directors, and particpants.

Each time we have a major conference, whether in Maui, in Oahu, in California, or elsewhere, the details are posted on the website. For example, the May 18-19 "Stick With The Winners" Conference announcement is now posted.

We also have a forum which can be accessed through the right navigation bar on www.dickb.com

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or requests:
808 874 4876 or dickb@dickb.com

Dick B., Executive Director

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