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Christian AA and Attorney to Be Interviewed Friday on Radio

Preview of Dick B. Friday, June 15th Interview of Christian Recovery Leader
Russell S. of Miami on

Dick B.
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Russell S. is a long-recovered Christian attorney who lives and practices law in the Miami, Florida area. His office is located at 14707 South Dixie Highway, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33176.
Russell is an active recovered member of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. He is a  Christian recovery leader, a participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition, and one of its very forceful and instructive speakers.

He brings to many A.A. meetings his message about A.A., the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. And he has no difficulty talking about them because he is an AA. He knows his Big Book. He is well versed in the Twelve Steps. He sponsors many AAs in their recovery. And, he is also a strong proponent of the importance of early A.A.'s Christian origins, history, founding, and Akron AA Christian fellowship which was launched by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in Akron in June of 1935 and who established its first group, Akron Number One, in early July of 1935.

Russell first attracted our attention long distance from Miami to Maui (by phone, letter, email, and websites). We learned he had distributed to others many of Dick B.'s A.A. History and Christian recovery books. He had circulated among his following a number of our articles. He even wrote to some of our A.A. History enthusiasts encouraging them and offering suggestions. He had spoken and recorded a large number of talks on how to bring God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible into A.A., and also into its meetings in an effective and well-received way. And he does so widely.

He has recently traveled from Miami to Southern California for two of our International Christian Recovery Coalition Conferences--the first at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, and the second as a featured speaker at our workshop--personal meetings--conference at His Place Church in Westminster, California.

Russell is active in and devoted to his faith, his church, his law practice, his sponsorship in A.A. of many men, his vibrant talks about A.A.'s Big Book, Twelve Step, and Fellowship relationship and reliance on God and coming to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. There is much to be learned from his talks by those Christians in A.A. and 12 Step programs who have been insulted or intimidated in meetings and conferences for their mention of God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

He will tell us a little about his family, education, church work, law practice, Twelfth-Step Work, his alcoholism, his sponsees, and his very effective speaking approaches as he addresses others. He will also give us a view of what he is doing and will be doing to further Christian recovery today.

Gloria Deo

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