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Christian Recovery Leader Bill Boyles Interviewed by Dick B.

The Dick B. Friday, June 29th Radio Interview of Christian Recovery Leader Bill Boyles of Delaware


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Synopsis of the Bill Boyles Radio Interview

“From the rock-bound Coast of Maine to the shores of Sunny California.” That’s a phrase I used to hear long-winded political speakers use when I was a kid. But can expand on this in several ways. Our interviews of Christian Recovery Leaders are now rapidly expanding “from the rock-bound Coast of Maine to the tip of Florida to the sunny beaches of Maui, Hawaii.” And soon we’ll be able to say “round the world with Christian Recovery Radio interviews.”

In just a few weeks, we have heard the voices of Christian recovery leaders in Toronto, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Miami, Delaware, Pittsburgh, Akron, Tennessee, Kansas City Missouri, Austin, Oroville California, Los Gatos California, Brentwood California, With  many other diverse places to follow shortly

Today’s guest was Christian recovery leader Bill Boyles, recovered alcoholic and addict, Executive Director of Won Way Out Inc. in Camden Wyoming Delaware, and about to celebrate his 25th anniversary of freedom from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other problems.

On a personal note, I met Bill Boyles many years back when I was doing a series of eight annual A.A. Heritage Seminars at Wilson House, East Dorset, Vermont—birthplace of A.A. cofounder Bill Wilson. Bill Boyles attended two of those seminars. And I could readily see that he was one of those AAs who understood the importance today of learning and talking about the Christian roots of the recovery movement and of Alcoholics Anonymous itself. In fact, Bill helped organize and fund our Second Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference which was held in Delaware. He soon became known in his area as the “Book Man.” Bill literally purchased hundreds of my A.A. history titles (and later Life Recovery Bibles, and also A.A. Conference-approved literature) and distributed all of them free to alcoholics and addicts and churches and meetings all over the Delaware Area. Recently, Bill traveled all the way from Delaware to Brentwood, California, to be one of the panel speakers at the International Christian Recovery Conference at Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood.

Bill began his drinking and drug and gambling life as a youngster. He paid his dues to psychiatrists, institutions, A.A., and various other recovery fellowships. Though a figure on Wall Street and a graduate of Columbia. Bill crashed. He lost it all—his job, his fiancĂ©, and just about everything else. He was in the position of putting a gun in his mouth and being afraid to shoot it or not to shoot it. So he cried out to God for help. He went to a rehab in Southern New Jersey and had a spiritual experience where the Lord spoke to him. And everything changed.

He got a Bible, read it, and loved it. He went to A.A. and got a sponsor, went to meetings, and took the Twelve Steps. But for five years, he had no formal religious affiliation. He just did his own personal Christian work. Then he acquired a copy of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers. He realized he had been missing something the early AAs clearly had – Jesus Christ as a power, and the power into which he needed to tap.

An old-timer asked if he knew of the Dick B. books. He acquired and studied my book, The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible ( He came to my Vermont history seminars, and he also acquired a passion to launch out. He left a fine job in Delaware and established a Twelve Step treatment program called “Won Way Out.” It had an adult male facility for about 12 men (which, after a fire and renovation, will soon handle 18-20). The facility is licensed and has counselors. But its focus is on the Twelve Steps and the Word of God.

Bill’s beliefs have led him to share Christ liberally, conduct a discipleship program, and share his experience, strength, and hope. But also the importance of Jesus Christ. His mission has become to put Jesus Christ back into the Twelve Steps by pointing to early A.A. Christian roots and successes. His folks do seminars and hospitals and institutions outreach, they distribute Bibles and the Dick B. books. And they do a lot of work in one-on-one small groups. Bill points out that   a good many tell of having a bad experience with religion. His answer: Do a proper Fourth Step, list that resentment, and overcome it through the Steps.

He carries his message by speaking in church pulpits from time to time. However, he targets the un-churched. He does some Overcomers Outreach meetings. But he points out that Celebrate Recovery is for the churches, whereas his focus is on those who have no church affiliation.

Bill has The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide and our new book Stick with the Winners: How To Conduct More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved literature.

He uses both to enhance his own Christian recovery approaches. He plans a women’s facility before long and also will focus on broadening the message-carrying wherever possible. And, for a well-rounded and effective approach to Christian recovery today, one can do no better than to acquaint himself or herself with Bill Boyles of Won Way Out, Inc. in Camden Wyoming, Delaware.                                                                                                     


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