Thursday, June 07, 2012

Preview of Two Dick B. Interviews for Akron A.A. Founders Day

Dick B. Interview of Ronald D. Glosser and Edward Grinnan, Christian Recovery Leaders, in Akron, Ohio, for the June 2012 Celebrations of A.A. Founders Day -- A Preview

My guests, Ronald D. Glosser and Edward Grinnan, are playing major roles in AA Founders Day in Akron, Ohio, for June 2012. From Akron, they'll focus on the following points:

(1) Ohio's Henrietta Buckler Seiberling and her vital role in helping bring about the recovery of A.A. cofounder Dr. Bob by prayer. (2) Her perception that Bill Wilson's Akron visit in 1935 was an answer to the prayers for Dr. Bob's deliverance from alcoholism. (3) The Gate Lodge at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens where Henrietta lived with her family and introduced Dr. Bob to Bill Wilson for their six-hour talk that launched the original AA "Christian fellowship" program. (4) The restoration of the Gate Lodge and establishment of its museum and exhibits for the viewing by thousands of  Akron Founders Day visitors. (5) The special relationship of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale with A.A., Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob, and AA "cofounders" Rev. Sam Shoemaker and Dr. William Silkworth (as Bill described the two men).

Ron was a major factor in the restoration of the Gate Lodge for visits by Akron visitors. He was born in Conesville, Ohio; received a BA in Business Admiistration from Ohio Wesleyan; graduated from Stoner Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers; became Vice President and Senior Trust Officer and later President of Goodyear Bank; then President and CEO of the Hersey Trust in Pennsylvania; Vice Chairman of Guideposts, Life Trustee and Past Chairman of Akron Regional Developent Board; and one of the Board of Directors of Stan Hywet Foundation. We'll cover some of Ron's other business and charitable services on our blogsite.

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice-President of Guidebooks Publications. Also author of The Promise of Hope: How True Stories of Hope and Inspiration Saved My Life and How They can Transform Yours.

Tune into the interview page of on Friday, June 8, 2012 for the above interview with Ron Glosser at AA Founders Day in Akron, Ohio.

Tune into the interview page of on Saturday, June 9, 2012 for
the following day interview of Edward Grinnan who will be in Akron Saturday for AA Founders Day. Grinnan is the Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts Magazine, and an author, as you will discover.

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