Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Father Bill W. of Texas to be Interviewed by Dick B. on Quiet Time Subjects

My guest is International Christian Recovery Coalition participant, Father Bill W. of Texas.

Bill is currently Chairman of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee.

He has been a continuously sober and recovered alcoholic for 40 years. He has been involved in the treatment field for about 40 years. And he was ordained an Episcopal Priest about seven years ago.

Father Bill has held executive posts in many treatment programs which included those in Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. He then became President and CEO of Austin Recovery--a 250-bed facility--from which he retired recently. In his recovery work, Bill placed emphasis on prayer, meditation, and Quiet Time--helping those already in fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous to find God.

Father Bill W. actively participates in the International Christian Recovery Coalition Speakers Bureau  (www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com). He has spoken at several of our conferences.
About 10 years ago, he began writing articles for the monthly publication Recovery Today.

Bill has become a leader in the Christian Recovery field. And in the Recovery Ministries for the Diocese, he heads two committees--one in Houston and one in Austin. These are currently engaged in organizing their outreach--determining where they want to go, what they want to be, and what their mission statement should be. They will be teaching others about the history of A.A. and the recovery movement, about old-school A.A.'s "Christian fellowship," and about the importance of prayer, meditation, and Quiet Time among those seeking recovery from alcoholism and addiction in the 12-Step arena.

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